Double Ironic T Shirts

I’m starting to see that Kick Starter is a trove of hipster nonsense. And why not — it lets you raise money for any nonsense non-profit idea you dream up during that semester you studied abroad.

This is one of the best and most deliciously hipster nonsensical. It’s an organization that finds used ironic t-shirts in Africa, then rebrands and re-sells them back in the U.S. in order to fund other non-profits in Africa, which are (presumably) doing as important work.

The Project Repat Kickstarter Video from Project Repat on Vimeo.

How this works: This bar mitzvah shirt is from a bar mitzvah I went to. < This used bar mitzvah shirt is from a Goodwill. < This bar mitzvah shirt is from the U.S., but I got it in Africa after Goodwill didn't want it and donated it. < This bar mitzvah shirt is from a non-profit that finds reject Goodwill t-shirts from the U.S. in Africa and brings them back to the U.S.

Next, Chinese hipsters need to come to the U.S. to find the Africa Goodwill shirts and bring them back to China, where they use their thread to make new bar mitzvah shirts. THE CIRCLE OF LIFE.