This Guy Is Running The Obama Campaign

America’s first hipster president gets an appropriately hipster Chief Technology Officer for his re-election campaign. Who is he? Why, he’s “well-known Chicago technologist Harper Reed.” “I am here to make sure technology is a successful force multiplier within the campaign. … What we do here is empower,” Reed told the Chicago Tribune. Right. SEO that shit.

[Ben Smith]


Blanket Forts

The other day, we featured some primo hipster nonsense about a group of San Diego twentysomthings who want to build forts to save the world in a project called Forts & The Inbetween. The idea was to travel around the country and build blanket forts with people to foster community, art, fun etc. I loved building forts as a kid, but this seemed a little too clever by half, and many suspected it was a joke.

Well, sadly, it now appears that the project has been canceled. The group’s Kickstarter page (a website which helps small organizations raise money online) now displays a message saying, “Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator 1 day ago.” The epic nine minute video explaining the group’s mission has also been taken down, though the website remains alive for now.